Meet Our Elite Experts

We have a fabulous community experts who are helping people solve some tough Home Repair, Auto and Tech problems. As we like to say, If you can’t solve it, Reward it and let our experts help you out. Meet a few of our top experts who have been extra helpful, we call them our “Elite Experts”.


Meet Jerry – Home Repair expert

Meet Jerry


Questions Answered: Over 390

Jerry is Mr. Fixit. His areas of expertise include home appliances, HVAC & Electrical. When he is not helping people out on Rewarder, he is enjoying all of the wonderful activities in home city of Virginia Beach, VA.


Meet Derek – Auto & Motorcycle expert

Meet Derek

Questions Answered: Over 1,700

Derek hails from Canada, and we all know that Canadians are known for being friendly & polite. Derek is a retired electrician and his hobbies include working on anything with a motor. He’s one of our top Auto & Motorcycle experts.


Meet Colin – Computer & Software expert

Meet Colin

Questions Answered: Over 300

Colin is a “gadget guru”. He’s been tech troubleshooting since he was a teenager and works as an IT professional. He has deep knowledge about Computers, Software, Cellphones & Tablet troubleshooting.


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The Rewarder Team


We Heart Feedback: A New Way to Find Rewards

Thanks for all of your great feedback! We take your comments to heart and do our best to incorporate them to make our service more rewarding. Many of you requested a better way to identify paid Reward postings. We’re happy to share that you can now easily identify paid Reward postings when browsing our website or iPhone app. –  Look for the yellow seal

When you see a Reward posting with a yellow seal in the top right corner, this means the Reward amount has already been paid. The person with the highest rated response will win the Reward.

Paid Reward on








Rewarder iPhone app – Look for the green dog ear

As you browse Reward postings on the iPhone app, the green dog ear indicates the Reward amount has already been paid.

Prepaid Reward iPhone App


Keep sharing your feedback. We’re listening.

– The Rewarder Team



DIY Gone Awry? We Can Help.

Are you in over your head with a recent DIY project? We can help. Check our some of the ways people are using the Rewarder community to take their DIY project from awry to alright. Here’s how it works:

  • Tell us what you need help with & offer a monetary Reward
  • We’ll match you up with the best experts to solve you need
  • Rate your solutions
  • The highest rated earns the monetary Reward


1. Avoid shock therapy

Ken used Rewarder to make sure his electric box was an adequate distance from his sink so it wasn’t a shock when ran his water faucet.










2. Don’t get (weed) wacked

Dan replaced the belt in his mower only to find out he turned his power mower into a push mower. Our experts helped Dan get his mower back on track and avoid getting (weed) wacked.










3. Keep chemistry experiments in the lab

Greg broke his lamp and needed help finding a substance that was safe to use for concrete, metal & electricity. Rubber shoe glue prevented this DIY project from back firing..literally.











We like to say, “If you can’t solve it, Reward it.” Post a Reward today and let our community help you out.

– The Rewarder Team

Rewarder + eBay Classifieds = More Great Rewards

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with eBay Classifieds to share their “Wanted” ads on Rewarder. This partnership connects “Wanted” ad posters on eBay classifieds to our community of over 750K experts.

Here’s how it works:

1. Post “Wanted” ad on eBay classifiends

Post a Wanted Ad










2. “Wanted” ad shared in the Rewarder marketplace

Rewarder Marketplace








3. Submit to win the Reward

Win Rewards







Share your expertise, help others and win Rewards!

– The Rewarder Team

Community Corner: Meet Jamie K. – Mother, Worker, and Philanthropist

Asha's Refuge

Here at Rewarder, helping others is a daily goal. For one of our members, Jamie K., helping out is just part of her routine. As a machinery worker and mother of two, let’s just say that her skill set covers a large amount of terrain.

But Jamie didn’t stop there. In 2012, she co-founded a non-profit organization called Asha’s Refuge, which helps refugees settle and adjust to a new life in Tennessee.

We’re proud to have her as a member of our community.

Recently, we spoke to Jamie about her experience with Rewarder, her non-profit, and what drives her to help others. Check out our conversation below.

What do you like most about using Rewarder?

Replying to posts on Rewarder has been an interesting new hobby of mine. It has been neat to be able to use the experience I have to help find answers to frustrating life situations for others.

What type of Rewards do you normally seek out? Is there any type of question in particular that you love to answer?

Having a background in machinery, I am always eager to help people fix broken products that aren’t working from sewing machines to printers. I also like helping people with life situations I have experience with such questions related to Social Security.

Would you tell us a bit about your non-profit, Asha’s Refuge?

It’s very hard to function in America if you do not understand our social system, have never paid bills, cannot read or write, cannot drive a car and do not have a way to get to and from places like the doctor or grocery store. Many of the refugees we serve have disabilities, are single mothers, mothers of multiple children, widows, or young adults. Most all of them have never been educated, cannot speak English, have little to no job skills and truly need a helping hand. You can read more about it online at

Is there anything in particular that you use or plan to use your Rewarder winnings for?

I would love to think I could continue to use my skills to help others even in my spare time. Perhaps my Rewards can be saved up and I can continue to give back to others in more tangible ways.

Pretty cool, huh?

Inspired to help someone out? Check out some great Rewards today.

– The Rewarder Team

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Staff Picks: Favorite Rewards of 2013

From Ferraris to felines, the Rewarder community was bustling. Check out some of our favorite Rewards of 2013.

Travel Tips

$8.00 Reward – What are the best road trip spots from San Francisco to Oregon?

Reward for best road trip stops from SF or Oregon

Rare Treasures

$12.00 Reward – Help me find a copy of a book I used to read as a child growing up in Australia called “Bush Fairies”.

Reward for Help Me Find A Copy of a Book Australian Bush Fairies

Auto Advice

$12.00 Reward – How do I change the headlight on my Prius?

Reward for help me change the headlight on my Prius

Hobby Help

$24.00 Reward – Help me compile a list of Japanese comic books published by Hobby.

Reward for Help me Compile a List of All Comic Books produced by Hobby

Wacky Wishes

$16.00 Reward – Where can I rent a Ferrari for under $1K per day in Northern California?

Reward for Help me Find a Ferrari rental for 1 day under $1K

House Hotline

$8.00 Reward – How do I keep squirrels and cats out of my garden?

Reward for how do I keep squirrels and cats out of my garden

If you can’t solve it, Reward it.  Looking forward to a Rewarding 2014.

– The Rewarder Team

Hacking the Holidays. A guide to success from the experts at Rewarder.

Christmas is only a few days away. Check out our list of holiday survival tips from our community of experts. From tree tips to using the last of your vacation, we’ve got it covered.

1. Haven’t bought a tree yet? Make an environmentally friendly choice.

David Kulieke recently posted a Reward in our marketplace asking for advice on which types of holiday trees are environmentally friendly. Artificial or real trees?

holiday tree

Check out this answer from Angiewirth92:

Real christmas trees are more environmentally friendly as they aren’t made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This is a non-renewable, carcinogenic (cancerous) material.

2. Already have a tree but looking for a way to keep it alive through the end of the month?

Talocklear09 had a similar question.

Check out this answer from Duce114:

Mix sprite half and half with water. The sugars will make it thrive. Sprite has little to no caffeine.

3. Need to keep a family pet away from the holiday tree?

Ginger is having the same problem.

cat in holiday tree

Check out this answer from Alishanewton8:

Put aluminum foil around it! Cats hate the foil! Not pretty, I know, but it should work.

Or this alternative answer from Lliszcz12:

Use pet block. It’s an odorless spray designed to keep cats off of certain things. Spray it on and around the tree…it should do the trick. You can find pet block at Petsmart.

4. Employer closing early, and making you use vacation time on Christmas eve?

Jgaskin is in a similar situation.

Check out this answer from Lkelly2323:

No! This is illegal, the best bet is to speak to the manager and other work employees and if they don’t listen give the manger of the manager a call! As you’re losing out on money!

5. Making a pumpkin pie for Christmas dinner?

Jeanette Ginevan was having problems with her crust, it kept coming out soggy.

Check out this answer from Katelynmills1992:

I’ve listed 3 different methods for you to try! Good luck!

The most frequently recommended way to eliminate a soggy pie crust is to blind bake it. This is a simple process that involves prebaking your crust, rather than putting your pie filling into a raw crust. To blind bake your pie crust, preheat your oven according to your pie crust recipe. Next, in order to prevent the crust from puffing up, weigh your crust down by laying a sheet of aluminum foil into the bottom of the crust. Place enough dried beans or rice to cover the bottom onto the aluminum foil. Bake just until the crust starts to turn light brown. This will take approximately 15 minutes, but keep your eye on it. You do not want to bake it all the way, as it will bake more after you add the filling.

Another method for eliminating soggy pumpkin pie crust is to increase the oven temperature for the first 15 minutes, allowing the crust to get a head start on the filling. To do this, when you first place the pie in the oven, turn the temperature up to 450 degrees for 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes, reduce the heat to your recipe’s recommended temperature. Again, keep your eye on it, and set a timer—-burnt pie is not much better than a soggy pie.

The last technique for eliminating a soggy pumpkin pie crust is a combination method. First, blind bake your pie; then, coat the bottom with a barrier that will prevent it from getting soggy. There are several alternatives for moisture barriers; choose the one whose flavor appeals to you most. You can use egg whites, melted chocolate or melted preserves of any flavor. Whichever one you choose, simply apply it with a brush to the bottom of the crust three minutes after removing it from the oven.

Need some advice to hack the holidays? Post a Reward and let our community help you out.

Happy holidays from the Rewarder Team!


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